Illuminated Vinyl Clock

Recently we have launched to illuminate our clocks.

We can now offer to our customers illuminated version of any of our clocks which won’t be used only as a design accessory, but what is more, as a warm lighting in your interior.

Light intensity and modes of illuminated clock can be adjusted comfortably from your sofa thanks to remote control.

The clock is iluminated by LED diode. There is an integrated LED module which ensures long lifetime and still and long-lasting luminosity. The clock can be easily controled by enclosed remote control which you get with the battery included. Using the remote control you can adjust the intensity of illumination, light modes and color (when colored illumination).

The clock is powered by thin cable over 12 V adaptor from the 220 V. Energy consumption depends on the choice of light intensity. Maximum input is 5 W.

Package includes:
Illuminated clock with LED module
Remote control including the battery
12 V power adaptor

73 €