Pallet bed

You have probably heard a lot of pallet bed. Many people would love to have one, somebody of you might have wanted to make one on their own….but be honest…who really accomplished it?

In fact, it isn’t so difficult and time consuming. You can make the basic version of pallet bed within a weekend.

What do you need? To start,  find some pallets ;-).

First, you have to think how big you want your bed to be and what mattress you want to put on it. Pallets are not all the same size, the only guaranteed size (80×100 cm) are the europallets which you can recognize according to the notice saying EUR or EPAL. These you can place in layers and they will ovelap perfectly, even with the mattres if you count well the centimetres. Or you can keep a part of pallets on each side of the mattres so you get a bedside table. I highly recommend to look for Europallets. Sometimes you can find them in the street or you can try to contact some companies which use them. If you don’t make getting them for free, you can probably buy them. Pallets are returnable „wrapping“ and widely used in building supply stores. If you have the chance to choose from many pallets, take the newly looking ones, there is much less work with them.


Once you have the pallets, you need hand sander, emery paper and place where you can rub them down. We have alreday made some things from pallets before. As we live in an appartment, it hasalways been problem where to rub the pallets down. Once we did it just in front of the entrance to our house. Our neighbours were great, nobody complained. You might not be so lucky, so please make sure you find the right place :-). And if you can’t find the right place, just do it in the street. Other people will get curious and it will push you towards not giving up!



Rubbing the pallets will take one afternoon. It will also take some time to learn how to use the hand sander, but don’t worry, you will quickly gain the skill.

The hand sander will fine the wood and rub the dust and dirt from the surface. To fine it more use emery paper. My advice is to hoover them int he end, to get rid of the sawdust and wipe with wet shred. Otherwise your bedroom will be full of.


Once you have rubbed down the pallets, you are almost done. You can just keep their original look  OR! You can varnish them, colour them or put a little lights under your bed.


If you don’t have a mattress, try to get one from one of your friends (if you don’t mind). We didn’t mind recycling one, so we got it from our friend who soon after having a baby found out that sleeping on 140 cm mattress is impossible. For us it’s just the right size into our small flat. We exhanged it  for a bottle of good wine.


In total, our bed cost us 2 bottles of wine! (The other bottle was for the pallets ;-).

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