Upcycling in your daily life. It’s your choice.

15th June 2016

Upcycling in your daily life. It’s your choice!

You can equip your apartment entirely by brightening up your old pieces! When you think you need some new piece of furniture, try to think first whether you can’t get it from second hand and just brighten it up a bit.

Cause consumption is very easy nowdays. Everybody can go, buy new stuff and throw away the old one. The consumption is increasing, the presure on lower price is higher, and the quality of materials and  the final products is worse and worse. Manufacturing has been moved to countries with cheaper labour force. And then what happens? The table you buy in IKEA travels across the whole planet, it is made from fragile material which won’t last longer that two years of your children’s playing. And then what? Throw it away and buy a new one?

Why don’t you ask a local carpenter to make your family dinning table? It will be your customized table, you can choose a tone of wood or thickness of glass. This table will last you forever, becuase quality will never go out of fashion.

Or! You can have a look whether there isn’t an old piece of furniture in your or your family’s attic and remake it!. It recquires some manual work, of course, but the feeling you will have when you put your mug on your own handmade coffee table is priceless. Priceless!

We have renovated our living room recently. We knew since the begining we didn’t want to buy a new stuff. We upcycle old things and make our living out of it. In our private life we do the same, of course. We don’t buy new stuff, we remake.

We don’t buy new stuff, we remake. Quality will never go out of fashion.“

We didn’t have a sofa for a long long time. During the reconstruction, we asked our friends if they did“t have a spare one and a friend of ours had! So easy.  He decided to get rid of it because it was creaking (which we haven’t notice yet!) and waking up his little daughter when he and his wife were wathching TV.

The older you get, the more you expect from your properties. We are still so young, so the sofa was just right for us. What is more, it can be used as a double bed for our guests!

Once you have a sofa, you need a coffee table to match your couch. And here might come the first problem. If you get it from other friend in 90% it won’t match. So  what do you do? Make your own! We created ours by remaking an old guitar.

You need: an old guitar,(obviously) an old shelve (or 3 pieces of wood) few hours in a workshop, skillfull men, punch of patience and…..there it is…a coffee table!

The size is a bit smaller but for us it is big enough.

All these thing match wit our old gramophone. It is a memory of  Jan’s beloved grandmother. It’s quite retro piece of furniture, but it reminds Honza’s childhood at her granny’s so we decided to keep it.

Everyone has to find his own reason why not to buy new things and try to upcycle the old ones. We have found the ours, we do our best to live a responsible life and think a lot about our consumption. We rather spend money on travelling than on furniture. But it is always your choice!

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